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I vespri siciliani - New Amsterdam Opera

Chris Ruel - Operawire - 2021

"Jeremy Brauner, singing the role of the passionate Arrigo, has grown into a voice of unbridled power, with a spine-tingling squillo and a brassy tone that demands attention like a bugle’s call to arms... He has leveled up and showed himself to be a fine, young Verdi tenor who will hopefully continue down that path."

Fedora - Teatro Grattacielo

Joseph Newsome - Voix des Arts - 2020

"Brauner’s first appearance in Act Two made Ipanoff’s absence from the opera’s first act regrettable, his robust vocalism immediately raising the temperature of the performance’s simmering verismo...Brauner’s singing never lacked power, but his characterization also limned the part’s poignant nuances."

Madama Butterfly - Cedar Rapids Opera

Diana Nollen - Cedar Rapids Gazette - 2020

"Brauner is as dashing vocally as in the form of the naval officer who wins Butterfly's heart as he cruelly toys with her"

Princess Maleine - dell’Arte Opera Ensemble

Operawire - 2019

“Tenor Jeremy Brauner’s Prince Hjalmar had great nuance in both his acting and singing... His singing was full of brass, rich and powerful”

Cunning Little Vixen - dell’Arte Opera Ensemble - 2017

“Jeremy Brauner displayed an impressive, brassy tenor as the Schoolmaster, and scored one of the evening’s biggest laughs as the Mosquito”

La Zingara - Amore Opera - 2017

“I liked the liquid, flowing tenor of dark-eyed Jeremy Brauner’s Fernando, which seemed just the right size and leggiero quality for bel canto.”

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